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Prophet Zachariah

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Prophet Jonah

Libyan Sibyl

Prophet Daniel

Cumaean Sibyl

Prophet Isaiah

Delphic Sibyl

Prophets and Sibyls seated on monumental thrones are alternated along the long sides, while the short sides are dominated by the figures of Zachariah and, above the altar, of Jonah (Jonah 1,2), who has a pre-eminent position inasmuch as he is the prefiguration of Christ (Matthew 12,38-40; 16,1-4; Luke 11,29-30). The Prophets and Sibyls are identified by a text in the label below them and are those who were the first to sense the coming of the Redeemer. The Prophets and Sibyls therefore testify as to the continuous wait of mankind for the Redemption. The former did in fact foresee the coming of Christ for the people of Israel. The latter, although belonging to the pagan world, are represented here because of their prophetic gifts, in this way extending the wait for Redemption from the chosen people to all mankind.