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5.1 Head of Mentuhotep II, from Thebes, 9th dyn., reign of Mentuhotep II, 2010-1998 BC, cat. 22680

5.2 Head of a statue of the lioness goddess Sekhmet, Temple of Mut in Karnak, 18th dyn., reign of Amenofi III, 1390-1352 BC, cat. 22667

5.3, 5.6, 5.7 Statues of the lioness goddess Sekhmet, Temple of Mut in Karnak, 18th dyn., reign of Amenophis III 1390-1352 BC, cat. 22656-22666

5.4 Statue of the high priest of Ra Hor-Udja, from Heliopolis, 16th dyn., circa 600 BC, cat. 22672

5.5 Statue of a primordial divinity, ("Geb of the earth" or "Shu of the air") or of an anthropomorphic form of the god Seth, 18th dyn., circa 1350 BC., cat. 22764

5.8 Colossal statue of queen Tuya, from Thebes, Ramesseum, reign of Ramses II, 1279-1213 BC, cat. 22678

5.9, 5.10 Pair of statues of the baboon of the god Thot, from Karnak, 19th dyn., 1300-1250 BC, cat. 22651, 22652

5.11 Trunk of a statue of Nectanebo I, found 1838 in Nepi (northern Lazio), reign of Nectanebo I, 380-362 BC, cat. 22671

5.12, 5.13 Colossal statues of Ptolemy Philadelphos and of Arsinoe II, from Heliopolis Greek-Roman period 285-246 BC, cat. 22681, 22682

5.14 Colossal statue of "Drusilla - Arsinoe", from Rome, Sallustian gardens, reign of Caligula 37-41 BC, cat. 22683

5.15, 5.16 Statues of Isis - Fortuna, from Tivoli, Hadrian's Villa (?), 2nd century AD, cat. 22799, 22800

5.17 The god Bes, patron of pregnant women, from Rome, 1st -2nd century AD, cat. 22842

5.18 Trunk of an anthropomorphic statue of the Bull Apis, from Memphis, late era, 6th-4th century BC, cat. 22808

5.19 Bust of Serapis, from Rome, 2nd century AD, cat. 689

Showcase A

Two fragments of reliefs, one of which painted, from tombs of the Old Kingdom in Saqqara, cat. 22765, 22752

Showcase B

Small bust of Isis or of a Ptolemaic queen (cat. 22822) from Rome, but of Egyptian manufacture, datable to 2nd-1st century BC; small male bust of the Saitic age (cat. 22694), datable to the 26th dyn., circa 650 BC; small male bust of the "sculptor's model" type (cat. 22754), 27th Persian dyn., circa 525-404 BC.

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The Hemicycle houses the collection of monumental statues of Egyptian divinities and pharaohs, which date from 2000 BC to 200 AD. In the terrace of the Niche of the Fir Cone there are other statues of divinities, some stone sarcophaguses and the two statues of lions of Nectanebo I.