Attic red-figure amphora
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Attic red-figure amphora

circa 450 BC
painted ceramic
height cm 59.9
cat. 16571

The name of the conventional figure of the Painter of Achilles, considered a pupil of the Painter of Berlin, on the basis of the stylistic similarities to the latter that he betrays especially in the initial phase of his production, comes from this amphora that shows Achilles and Briseis. The Vatican amphora belongs to the mature period of this master, which altogether embraces the second half of the 5th cent. BC, and is characterized by figures that express at the same time both serenity and majesty. The vases of the Painter of Achilles were widely distributed in the ancient Mediterranean world: from Greece to Asia Minor and to Sicilia, as well as obviously to Etruria, where the Vatican amphora was found.